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CADC Program

The McDermott Learning Center Addiction Counselor Training Program

The McDermott Learning Center Addiction Counselor Training Program (CADC curriculum) is accredited by the Illinois Certification Board (ICB). Students completing the 225 hour program will have fulfilled the educational requirements to become a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC) and are ready to take the CADC certification examination offered by the Illinois Certification Board. Upon passing the examination individuals are registered with ICB and are ready to start 150 hours of supervised clinical practical experience required to complete the CADC program at Haymarket Center. Note: individuals with 2 years (4,000 hours) of paid Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse qualified work experience in the past four years may be eligible for certification after passing the CADC exam.

Classes begin March 19, 2019
Limited available openings
Register early !!!
225 Approved Continuing Education Hours
Includes 15 hours of Addiction Treatment Services for Women and/or their Families and 15 hours of Addiction Treatment Services for Adolescents and/or their Families

For More Info and Registration/Tuition Requirements

 Download the CADC Class Application

Download the CADC Student Financial Agreement

Contact Ken Cheverko 
Haymarket Center 312-226-7984 ext. 456 or kcheverko@hcenter.org

Faculty: Classes presented by experienced ICB certified degreed instructors, who maintain a passion for enhancing the field of addiction through education and mentorship.

Class: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Tues, Wed, and Thu

Begin: March 19, 2019 - Register Early!!!

End: September, 2019

Internships: Available

Cost: $2000.00 for full CADC Curriculum (Payment plans available, click on the link above to see the CADC Student Financial Agreement)

Deposit Required: $250 with application, total of $500 paid prior to first day of class

Classes will be held:
Haymarket Center
932 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60607

For questions about refunds and withdrawals at the McDermott Professional Learning Center,
contact Anna Kuzak, Controller Haymarket Center 312- 226-7985 ext 385.

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